We visited organic cocoa farms in the Dominican Republic

When you think of the Dominican Republic, what comes to your mind?

A visit to a tropical island filled with exotic drinks and exotic culture?

A tour of Santo Domingo, the capital city for more than 500 years?

A backpacking trip through the spectacular locations in this country of native Taíno people?

These are some of the options we saw on our trip. We visited organic cocoa farms in the Dominican Republic, a suburb of Santo Domingo, and learned about how they process their chocolate.

My best friend and I went on an adventure backpacking through the Dominican Republic. We went to organic cocoa farms in a remote part of the country.

I was fortunate enough to be able to tour some organic cocoa farms in the Dominican Republic last summer during a backpacking trip. I went on this trip with my friend and we both loved it!

Backpackers love the idea of having a destination that is not too far away but still very affordable. The Dominican Republic is perfect because it has affordable prices, nice weather, and lots of things to do!

In addition to exploring beaches, we were able to talk with people from all walks of life in this beautiful country.

We visited the Dominican Republic with our family and had a wonderful time there. We loved exploring the country and looking at the gorgeous natural landscapes. Our favorite part of the trip was visiting some of the organic cocoa farms in Bonao, Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island located between Haiti and Cuba. Its coastlines are dotted with miles of scenic beaches, lush mountains, and diverse ecosystems. The country is also home to a distinctly Caribbean culture that is rich in music, dance, and food.

Utah is one of America’s most beautiful states due to its natural beauty. It has some fantastic national parks with huge red canyons, majestic mountain ranges, and sparkling rivers that flow through it all year round. The state also has endless amounts of outdoor activities like hiking.

This is a backpacking trip of mine and my friend’s. We visited organic cocoa farms in the Dominican Republic during Summer.

We (me, my friend, and two others) were all looking for an unforgettable summer adventure and so we did what came to mind: we decided to take a backpacking trip in the Dominican Republic.

In order to prepare for our trip, we looked into different places to visit. We read up on the history of and things to do here as well as some sites that had reviews with photos of their experiences with the country. After this research was done, it was time for our preparations and packing list. We made sure that everything was packed as light as possible so that we could spend more time outdoors hiking during our trip instead of struggling with weight during exc.

We traveled to an organic cocoa farm in the Dominican Republic to explore how the Dominican Republic became a global leader in cocoa production.

Although the country’s farms are organic, they still use certain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. We found that due to these chemicals and lack of diversity in types of trees, the flavor of chocolate is quite different than what you’ll find at home.

We visited a cacao plantation in the Dominican Republic with our backpacking trip. We went on a hike down into a valley full of cacao trees and we learned that it was so hot outside that it felt like you were walking through molten lava! It was so hot outside though that we couldn’t help but try some fresh chocolate from one of their many orchards.