Salazon chocolate bars are made of 100% organic, homogeneous beans certified by Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade in the USA

Salazon is a brand of chocolate bars that is certified organic and Fair Trade. Salazon organic bars are made with 100% fair trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified beans from Ecuador.

The company makes sure that this certification is real by getting inspected by an independent third-party supplier every year. They use no chemicals, preservatives, GMOs or trans fats in the production process.

Salazon was founded in 1999 by two brothers who were looking for traditional and healthy fair trade goods with low environmental impact to sell to consumers in the USA.

The company has grown into a market leader through quality products and its proprietary manufacturing process that produces an affordable bar of high-quality chocolate.

Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified Salazon chocolate bars are made of 100% organic, homogeneous beans that are grown in sustainable conditions.

Located in Oaxaca, Salazon is the leading bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Mexico. They make all their products with the best ingredients and practices from start to finish.

Salazon chocolate bars are not only found in the USA but also in various other countries around the world. They are made of 100% organic, homogeneous beans. Every year, they switch between different varieties of beans depending on the flavor requirements.

Salazon is committed to using fair trade and sustainable practices to bring high quality, delicious chocolate bars that will make your taste buds tingle and leave an amazing taste on your mouth for a long time.

Salazon Truffles sells cocoa bean-filled chocolate bars certified by Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade in the USA. Salazon is a smaller company focused on delivering more indulgent chocolate bars in the best taste and quality.

If you want to make sure that you’re eating healthy, vegan, low sugar chocolate bars then Salazon should be something to consider.

Salazon, a popular organic chocolate bar in the US, is made with the highest quality ingredients such as organic Mexican cocoa from Oaxaca. The company uses Rainforest Alliance certified and Fair Trade certified beans to make their chocolate bars.

Salazon also has innovative shipping methods – for example, they offer free ground shipping if an order is above $100 and if you order three or more bars at once. Chocolate lovers will absolutely love Salazon as it offers a wide selection of flavors that includes milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate brittle, dark chocolate pumpkin seeds, smooth milk caramel and green tea bean!

With its unique taste and innovative methods of delivery, Salazon is a must-try for all those who love the good things in life.

Rainforest Alliance is a US-based non profit organization that works to protect rainforests worldwide while promoting sustainable agriculture and fair trade. It certifies Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and products, warding off the use of agribusiness that relies on destroying natural habitats.

Salazon Chocolate is a certified Rainforest Alliance farm in Ecuador. They are committed to producing chocolate without harming the environment or its inhabitants. They process their raw ingredients into chocolate bars, which are made with 100% organic, homogeneous beans from high-quality cocoa trees from the Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest that have been certified by Rainforest Alliance.

In recent years, Salazon has been at the forefront of innovative chocolate bars such as Fair Trade and Kosher certified chocolate bars for kosher consumers. They also produce dark cherry chocolate.