Why Salted Chocolate?

Here we are going to go into the science and details about what makes salted chocolate taste so darn good.

Smooth, Yet Bold.

Surprisingly, contrasting flavors like sweet and salty are the best natural complements. It’s this concept of complementary contrasts that makes Salazon’s sea salt chocolate so beautifully balanced and flavorful.

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The Science

It has been scientifically demonstrated that salt suppresses acidity and bitterness. Because of this, we add a touch of sea salt to bring out our single-origin organic dark chocolate’s many nuanced flavors while balancing the sweetness of the sugar with the bitterness of the cocoa. The result of adding sea salt to dark chocolate? An incredibly smooth, yet bold sea salt chocolate bar.

The Art

We have dedicated years to creating the perfect sea salt chocolate bar by studying everything from amount of salt used, to coarseness and origin. That’s why every dark chocolate bar is hand sprinkled with just the right amount of natural sea salt. Too much salt overwhelms the chocolate, while too little salt leaves the flavor flat.

Flavor Layering

Flavor layering is a technique that combines harmonious ingredients to enhance the taste of food by building variety and depth.

"After years of making nothing but dark chocolate with sea salt, we’re way ahead of the competition."