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Our Chocolate

Our dark chocolate (check) starts with the best organic cacao beans available: 100% organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified, Hispaniola cacao beans sourced exclusively from the Dominican Republic. Then we take a minimalist approach, hand-sprinkling sea salt and other complementary ingredients on every bar to naturally enhance the chocolate’s flavor.

FTC USAUSDA OrganicVeganKosher Soy Free

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Flavor Profile

Fruit-forward with notes of stone fruit, fig, subtle tobacco, and deep red wine. Balanced sweetness with low bitterness and a long, creamy finish.


Dominican Republic

Bean Type:


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Cocoa Content: 57% and 72%

Single Origin Cacao

All of our cacao is sourced directly from the Confederación Nacional de Cacaocultores Dominicanos (CONACADO), a democratically-run cooperative organization of small-scale producers in the Dominican Republic. CONACADO is a Fair Trade organization that empowers cacao farmers to export their products directly to consumer markets, thereby raising wages and reducing dependency on exploitative middlemen. These farmers grow their cacao using sustainable practices under ideal conditions – in the shade of canopy fruit-producing trees.

Why Salted?

Salt accentuates sweetness and suppresses bitterness, while also acting as a natural flavor enhancer. Simply adding a touch of sea salt brings out the many nuances of our single-origin organic dark chocolate, creating the perfect balance of flavors. The result of adding sea salt to dark chocolate? An incredibly smooth, yet bold dark chocolate bar.

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