Thomas Gathman

Thomas Gathman, aka "The Real Hiking Viking," is one-half viking, one-half thrill-seeker, and two-thirds beard. You do the math. 

Tom was born in 1983 and raised in the rural central Pennsylvania town of Lewisburg. It was this small Victorian town that afforded him the opportunity to learn and grow in a family and community-oriented environment. Despite his attachment to Lewisburg, his personal convictions and adventurous spirit would quickly lead him to leave the only place he'd ever really known. In 2006, Tom’s love for his country and desire to serve attracted him to the United States Marine Corps Infantry. He went on to fight in the Iraq war where he would serve two combat tours, one of which he spent operating in a Scout Sniper Platoon. 

After an honorable discharge, Tom transitioned back to civilian life by joining Warrior Expeditions in their inaugural Walk Off the War Program in 2013. He completed the Appalachian Trail (2013) and Continental Divide Trail (2014) as a member of the Warrior Expeditions team of veteran hikers before setting out on his own, as the Viking breed is known to do. Since then, he's added the Pacific Crest Trail (2015) to his list of accomplishments, officially joining the ranks of elite Triple Crown hikers. Tom's not planning to slow down any time soon, so be sure to stay tuned!


The Real HIking Viking


Appalachian Trail (2013)
Continental Divide Trail (2014)
Pacific Crest Trail (2015)
Florida Trail (2015)
Arizona Trail (2015)
Sierra High Route (2015)
Wonderland Trail (2015)
Colorado Trail (2015)
Appalachian Trail - Winter Southbound (2016)


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