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Long-distance backpacking and traveling is an essential part of our life together. We are lifelong learners who believe that developing an understanding of life and our place in it while we discover how to relate to those who are different from us, is the most important thing we can do.

Our Appalachian Trail thru-hike was life-changing. We were repeatedly tested, often exhausted and frustrated with new found challenges of will. Fortunately, with each other's help, our trail family, and the trail community, we were able to overcome all of the obstacles the trail presented.

In 2016 we tested our expectations of ourselves and the world on an extended journey through Southeast Asia, India, and Europe. Travel is a life-altering act. It opens hearts and instills an unshakable confidence in one's abilities. But there’s nothing like the magic hikers experience on long-trails. So we decided to head back to the trail this year to take on the Pacific Crest Trail.

We’ve encountered some amazing folks on long trails, all who have a unique story to tell. And many of these stories are so compelling that they're just begging to be told. So we’re adding a slight twist to this year’s journey…as we hike, we’re serving as scribes and storytellers who gather and share other thru-hikers adventures with the trail community at large. We call the project: People of the Trail.





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Mike: 72% Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt


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