Eden Hafernik

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Eden “Starfish” has always been drawn to the outdoors with a thirst for adventure.  Her first summer out of high school, she worked as a Wilderness Guide in Canada and the US in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness, Quetico Provincial Park, and Crown Land areas and has logged over 2,000 miles in a canoe. Eden then attended Texas State University, graduating with a degree in Recreational Administration. She has taught Wilderness First Aid and Search and Rescue at Philmont Scout Ranch, which is the largest youth camp in the world. In 2012, Eden decided to explore the world of backpacking by thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail southbound. Upon completing the Appalachian Trail, she decided she wanted to be more prepared for outdoor emergency situations, and became a certified EMT Basic and Wilderness First Responder through the National Outdoor Leadership School.  

In 2015, Eden thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and, true to her Texan roots, she’s planning on hiking the Lone Star Trail this year in addition to completing her “Triple Crown” by hiking the Continental Divide Trail. When not gallivanting around the globe, she resides in Austin, Texas and hopes that her pictures and stories help to inspire others to go outside more and follow their dreams. She plans on taking her hiking international in the near future and has her sights set on the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.


Starfish (The Robot-Usain Bolt-The Gazelle-Sea Star)


Appalachian Trail - Southbound (2012)
Pacific Crest Trail (2015)
Lone Star Trail (attempting 2017)
Continental Divide Trail (attempting 2017)


72% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Cayenne




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Posted 06 April 2017 at 18:37 by Jason Elwood

She also has a compassionate heart, and is generous with both her knowledge and time! While I thru hiked the AT…the PCT presented a whole bunch of new challenges, and gaps in knowledge which Starfish was happy to fill! Her love for adventure and people makes her a great ambassador for trails all over the world. She also has a wonderful knack for building her knowledge base, which she again shares readily with all :)

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