The new look of Salazon Chocolate has arrived! Next time you pull your favorite bar off the shelf, you may notice it's gotten a makeover. Our new design is both attractive and functional, with longitude and latitude lines doubling as break points for bite-sized pieces. Why choose between beauty and brains if you can have both?


So, what’s up with the geography lesson? Glad you asked! In tribute to the world’s tropical cacao growing regions, each and every Salazon Chocolate bar now depicts a map of the earth’s Equator. Cacao trees grow in a limited geographical zone, which reaches approximately 20 degrees to the north and south of the Equator in hot, rainy tropical climates. So in case you’re planning on growing cacao in your backyard, you may want to find another hobby!


Depicted on the new design are West Africa, tropical South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Although the vast majority of the world’s cacao supply is grown in West Africa (nearly 70%!), the cacao tree is actually native to the Americas. With an ever-growing demand for chocolate, countries in South America and the Caribbean, like the Dominican Republic, are stepping up to the plate. The Dominican Republic is quickly gaining a reputation as an elite producer and home to some of the most complex, distinctive cacao on the planet. With your help, we’ll continue to fuel the emergence of the Dominican Republic by supporting our farmer partners at the Conacado cooperative.


Our hope is that the new design will serve as a constant reminder that we are truly a global community. So get out, travel, explore, and oh yea…buy Fair Trade products like Salazon Chocolate!


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