After five amazing months, Amy (aka Glitter Bug) and Seth (aka Boombox) made it safely to Canada, the northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Their west coast adventure offered moments of unparalleled catharsis coupled with unexpected challenges. But in the end Amy and Seth embraced the good, the bad, and the ugly, and their time on the PCT proved to be the best five months of their lives!



At the outset of their trip, Amy and Seth’s goals for the trail included making new friends, smiling, laughing, loving and supporting each other, keeping an open mind, and staying healthy. Starting with these goals in mind, Amy and Seth managed to stay positive and enjoy themselves no matter the circumstances. Despite Seth’s brief bout with giardia, Amy and Seth achieved all their goals and never lost sight of their love for nature, the trail, and of course, each other. As for the giardia, the duo came prepared with medication and with only three days left in their trip, they rallied and made it to the border.


Even with each other’s company, the trail could be lonely at times. Fortunately, Amy and Seth were joined by both friends and family at various stages in their hike. Seeing familiar faces from home helped keep their motivation and spirits high. Seth's parents met the couple in Northern California and joined the hike for 4 days which according to Amy “was awesome!” One of their favorite nights was at Paradise Lake where they all enjoyed Salazon Chocolate and hot chocolate with bourbon in it (hmmm…new product idea?!) Seth’s parents liked Sea Salt & Caramel best, while Amy and Seth’s favorite was Sea Salt & Coffee.


If only we could all have such good relations with our in-laws! That’s right, I said in-laws…Amy and Seth are engaged! When we first spoke with Amy, she mentioned how excited she was to see Mt. Whitney. Little did she know that Mt. Whitney would be the future site of her engagement! Here they are right after the proposal on the summit.



You’ve set the bar too high Seth, how are the rest of us guys supposed to compete with that?


The pair also made lots of new friends along the way, including trail angels like the Dinsmores in Skykomish, WA who helped make the journey a bit more comfortable. Trail angels host thru-hikers and offer laundry, beds, showers, and other comforts of home. The temporary relief provided by trail angels and their trail magic was a huge help – especially during the trying desert stretch of Southern California. Of course, Amy and Seth repaid the generosity of hosts and friends alike with plenty of Salazon Chocolate. Eventually, they became folk-legends, known by all as “The Chocolate Fairies.”


When they reached their home state of Oregon, Amy and Seth stayed at a friend’s house for a few days. As Amy put it, “It was so great being in our home state; yummy food and coffee, friends hiked with us, and we had a place to stay at every stop! We took 4 days off at home in Portland before finally crossing the Bridge of the Gods into Washington.”


Amy and Seth had a tough time narrowing down their favorite parts of the trail, but finally decided that the Sierras, Marble Wilderness, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, and Glacier Peak Wilderness offered the most breathtaking scenery (go see for yourself!). Luckily, Amy and Seth were not among the scores hikers that were forced to interrupt their hike or skip portions of the trail as a result of this summer’s raging wildfires. Still, they did have to contend with plenty of smoke and scorched earth. The weather in Washington was also a huge obstacle. However, once the weather cleared up and they finally had the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful views, Washington quickly became their favorite leg of the hike.



The last town Amy and Seth crossed in Washington before reaching Canada was Stehekin. It's the most secluded town in the US and can only be reached via boat, plane, or the PCT. The town has a bakery that is notorious among PCT hikers, so Amy and Seth seized the opportunity and loaded up with cinnamon rolls, scones, and a whole pie. As you can probably tell, their hunger was out of control towards the end of the hike. Sounds like that bakery has the right business model! (Note to self: begin building thru-hiker bakery empire…)


Amy and Seth grew to love the trail more and more every day. They surrendered to the things that were beyond their control – like the weather – and made the most out of every moment. They were amazed by how in-tune with the wilderness they became. The pair began their journey in April as the days grew longer, walked their biggest days around the summer solstice, and finished as the evening light receded and the air became brisk with the coming of fall. To sum up in Amy’s own words, “Getting to the border was pretty surreal. Every day for the past 5 months we had been working to get there...AND WE MADE IT!! Every single bit of it was worth the accomplishment.”


The couple is now happy to be back in Portland once again, reunited with friends, good food, and their beds! Even after a thru-hike and 7 years together, this is just the beginning for Amy and Seth. They now have a lifetime of adventuring together to look forward to.

Congratulations and best of luck Amy and Seth!



Amy and Seth have had quite the journey together! To fuel their journey on the PCT, we provided them with Salazon Chocolate to share and enjoy. Try their favorite bar, 57% Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar, to see if it’s the right fuel source for you too! Take 10% off your Salazon Chocolate order with discount code HIKINGCHOCOLATE.



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