You may remember Kaelin, aka “Shutterbug” who we sponsored last year along the Appalachian Trail. She hasn’t wasted any time getting back to her hiking adventures. This year, Kaelin will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. We are excited to sponsor her again and follow her along her journey of the west coast.


As she neared the end of her trail last year, Kaelin started seriously thinking about what was next for her. All that she knew after finishing her experience on the A.T. was that she wanted to experience it again soon – specifically on the Pacific Crest Trail. Kaelin was also determined to finish the PCT before she started a full-time career. She has been saving up all year and working very hard since she finished the AT in order to hike the PCT.


Now Kaelin is ready to get back to hiking and feel the same sense of freedom as she did on her last hike. She is excited to see new scenery in places she has never been to, as well as Mt. Whitney, which is slightly off the trail. Kaelin knows much less about the PCT than the AT, but the mystery excites her. We hear there is a possibility she might go for the triple crown in 2015. Kaelin begins her hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with some of her friends on April 16th.


Amy & Seth

Amy and Seth met over 6 years ago and have been exploring together ever since.  Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail together will bring new challenges, and new joys that they look forward to experiencing together!


Amy Buglione (aka Glitter Bug) grew up in Boise, ID and currently lives in Portland, OR. She has always loved exploring the outdoors and has a passion for nutrition and wellness. Amy has decided to step outside of her comfort zone and take a break from her busy lifestyle to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  She also wants to challenge herself and connect with the outdoors as well as meet new friends along the trail.



Seth Conde (aka Boombox) was also raised in Boise, ID. His parents encouraged him to explore and enjoy the outdoors. He has a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experimental Education, which he has put to use by leading backcountry trips in the Pacific Northwest and raising awareness about protecting the environment. Seth has also found a unique way to connect with challenged youth through his work at The Wilderness Therapy program, which offers those seeking balance a chance to challenge themselves physically and mentally to help process the difficulties in their lives. He sees the beauty in every situation and is looking forward to the good, the bad, and the ugly.


We are thrilled to follow Amy and Seth’s thru-hike of the trail. Their goals for the trail include: making new friends, smiling, loving and supporting each other, keeping an open mind, laughing, and staying healthy. They are also excited to see Mt. Whitney.  Amy and Seth begin hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on April 15th.


Good Luck Kaelin, Amy, and Seth! We hope you meet along the way!


The mystery of the Pacific Crest Trail has Kaelin and us excited, and we can't wait to witness Amy & Seth grow in their relationship on the trail. On their journeys, we’ll be supplying them with a stash of Salazon Chocolate. Kaelin’s favorite chocolate is 57% Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel; find out if it’s yours too! Take 10% off your Salazon Chocolate order with discount code HIKINGCHOCOLATE.


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