Since our formation, Salazon’s mission has been to make the best salted dark chocolate possible, and to make it in an ethical and sustainable manner. However, creating an ethical, sustainable business is not a one-sided endeavor. We’ve found that the best way to fulfill this mission is to build the right relationships and make them long-term. This early insight led us to pursue partnerships with social and environmental advocates. From there, deciding to work with 1% For The Planet was a no-brainer! 1% For The Planet is an organization dedicated to creating a healthy planet by connecting businesses with nonprofit partners. Of these nonprofit partners, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC)  has been one of our favorite to work with.


Our commitment to the country’s major trail systems can be traced back to Salazon’s origin. We’re passionate about hiking and connecting with nature; the idea for Salazon was even conceived during a backpacking trip in Utah. What’s more, the Appalachian Trail (A.T.), the country’s oldest and original protected trail, is right in our back yard and we frequently find ourselves on the trail in our spare time.  The ability to get out and hike the trail for a day, a week, or even go for a life changing 6-month hike is the magic of the A.T., which makes it so important to protect. Maintaining these trails requires a tremendous amount of effort, so we’ve pursued every opportunity to partner with organizations dedicated to trail stewardship such as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. We started out just offering free chocolate for A.T. events and sponsoring some inspiring thru-hikers, and from there our relationship has continued to evolve. 



The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s mission is to preserve and manage the Appalachian Trail – ensuring that its vast natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for centuries to come. They are the only organization dedicated to preserving and managing all 2,180 miles of the world famous Appalachian Trail. To accomplish this, the ATC relies on agency partners and 31 trail maintaining clubs comprised of approximately 6,000 volunteers. Of course, significant resources are required to support this work. Corporate partners such as Salazon provide the much needed resources to fill in budgetary deficits. In turn, the ATC is able to fulfill its mission.


Funding from Salazon contributes directly to a number of ongoing projects. These include infrastructure restoration activities such as trail relocations, creation and maintenance of waterbars, and shelter and bridge repair. In addition, these funds support key educational programs such as the Trail to Every ClassroomA.T. Community, and RidgeRunner; all of which build awareness about the value of the Appalachian Trail. Corporate donations also allow the ATC to support military rehabilitation with the Warrior Hike: “Walk Off The War.” This program is designed to support combat veterans in their transition from military service by organizing thru-hikes along America’s National Scenic Trails.


We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with likeminded organizations such as the ATC. Just like with 1% For The Planet, we know our contribution is put to good use. At Salazon, we feel that businesses large and small have a responsibility to operate ethically and as sustainable as possible. Our nonprofit relationships have truly been a blessing and we’ll continue looking for ways to increase our support.


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