Good news for Salazon lovers! We’ve redesigned our packaging, changing our bars from a horizontal to a vertical format. Right about now, your reaction is probably a big “So what?!” The reason this is good news for you is because this redesign allows retailers to carry more Salazon flavors in the same amount of space. Have you ever gone to your local natural foods store eager to buy your favorite Salazon flavor, only to find it’s not on the shelves? Well with our new space-saving design, stores don’t need to limit their Salazon selection. So no matter which flavor you’re looking for, now you’ll be more likely to find it waiting for you at the store. Even better, this gives us more flexibility to introduce new flavors!


Another reason we made this transition was to help make your search for Salazon quick and easy. Our family of bars have a more consistent look with the vertical wrappers, but are also easier to tell apart. The new wrappers display vibrant, distinct colors that make our bars stand out in the aisle. And don’t worry, we’ve kept the same colors that you’re used to for each flavor and the beautiful landscape photography. So when you’re searching for that Sea Salt & Coffee bar you’ve been craving, you’ll find it in the green label – just like before.


So out with the old, and in wLanith the new! Most stores are beginning to carry our new vertical bars, so be sure to keep an eye out for this change as you peruse the aisles of your local store. And remember that change is good when it’s in the right direction!


…Speaking of good changes, Salazon will be launching a new custom bar design later this year that will feature a 3D panoramic graphic. This design will look so cool, you may want to display it instead of eat it. But we’re betting that it winds up in your stomach – not hanging on the wall!  


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