Salazon Chocolate opened our first storefront, Salazon Chocolate Co. & Market this past August in downtown Sykesville, Maryland. From day one, local business owners and residents welcomed us to Main Street. Our mission was to create a new kind of specialty natural market as well as a business that would benefit the community where Salazon Chocolate Co. was founded. The market has been a great way for us to showcase what we’re all about. In addition to selling our salted-chocolate bars, over half of our products are local from Pennsylvania, Virginia, D.C., and Maryland, including Michele’s Granola, Fisher’s Popcorn, Cherry Glen goat cheese, Banner Bee Honey, The Wild Pea Hummous, Infused Spreads, Virginia Diner, Righteous Felon Jerky, Trickling Springs Creamery, Mouth Party caramels, and beer and wine from several of the best Maryland wineries and breweries. We also offer customers an opportunity to try unique and hard-to-find products from companies outside of Maryland like Rick’s Picks, The Owl’s Brew, Chop Butchery, and The Jam Stand.



At the market, we know that everyone loves a good surprise. That’s why we always keep our customers guessing. The market is filled with a collection of products from small producers that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. We’re constantly adding new products, running specials, and hosting events featuring local producers. Plus, each day we serve an ever-changing assortment of samples alongside our chocolate bars. When the weather’s nice, we set up an outdoor bar top and stool seating to allow customers to enjoy their purchase on premise – perfect for those who can’t wait to dig in. Customers are encouraged to pop a cork, crack a brew, and unwrap some delicious chocolate and cheese, all while enjoying the relaxing ambience of Main Street Sykesville.



Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of opening Salazon Market has been the connection we’ve built with customers. Our patrons have graciously played the part of Salazon Chocolate guinea pigs. By testing new product ideas at the market, we’ve gained valuable feedback that’s helped us to develop new products we know you’ll love!


Thank you to the Sykesville community for making our first few months a great success. The chance to both serve and learn from the community has been an irreplaceable experience and we can’t wait to build from our strong start.


Check out the Salazon Market Facebook page, which is frequently updated with daily hours, upcoming events, tastings, and new products.


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Posted 24 April 2016 at 12:38 by Mary Ann Tsucalas

I sampled your dark chocolate bar with Michele’s Granola — outstanding! Where can I place an order to have shipped out if state? Thanks.

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